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Boarding Consent Form Coulter Animal Hospital in Amarillo, TX

We appreciate you using our boarding service. To speed up your boarding check-in, kindly complete the form below.

Boarding Consent Form

Please note: submitting this form DOES NOT reserve your pet a place for boarding. A member of our staff will contact you to confirm your reservation.

You are more than welcome to bring your pet’s food, treats, blankets, or bedding. Please note there is always a possibility of items becoming lost or misplaced, especially when being washed or cleaned.  Your items may go home with a label containing your pet’s information.  If your pet is on regular daily medication such as thyroid tablets or insulin, please bring it with you when you drop off your pet. Please be sure to provide specific directions for administering said medications.

NOTE: We require rabies, DHLPPC, bordetella, and the canine bivalent flu (H3N2/H3N8) vaccinations for ALL boarding dogs, and a rabies vaccination for ALL boarding cats, as well as current flea and tick prevention for ALL boarding animals regardless of season or weather.  Proof of vaccination is required for all animals boarding, and the necessary vaccines can be given if the pet does not have them upon admission.

Prices for boarding are per night, per animal:
Canine 1-40 lbs $21
Canine 41-80 lbs $24
Canine 81 lbs and up $31
Feline $20

All boarded pets need to have a current fecal or be on a dewormer. Otherwise, we will run a fecal in house. 

(Grooming and bath prices are an additional cost-estimates can be provided upon request.
Prices subject to change. ALL charges must be paid for upon discharge unless other arrangements have been made.)

(Availability of inside runs/kennels is first come, first served. Outside runs are 12’x12′ converted horse stalls, not climate controlled, but are protected from the elements and include wood shavings for bedding.

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Boarding Release Statement

By signing below, I hereby certify that I am the owner (or duly authorized agent for the owner) of the stated animals. While my pet(s) is/are boarding, I authorize Coulter Animal Hospital full and complete authority to administer such treatment, diagnostic, surgical, and anesthetic procedures as they deem necessary to keep my pet(s) safe and healthy. I do hereby release the doctors and their representatives from any and all liability, for the care, treatment and safekeeping of the above described animal(s). I agree to take full responsibility for any and all costs required in order to treat any illness my pet(s) may have while boarding. I also acknowledge that boarding my pet(s) at any facility involves environmental change that may cause stress to the pet which includes but is not limited to gastrointestinal disorders. My signature is also an acknowledgement that any changes in the physical condition of my pet(s) will be my financial responsibility and will be individualized depending on the animal and severity of the condition. I am also aware that the outdoor boarding area is not climate controlled and therefore the temperature inside the boarding area will be close to the temperature outside. If my pet is not acclimated to the outdoor temperature it is not advised for him/her to board outside. If my pet is boarding for 30 days or longer, payment IN FULL will be required at the time of check in. If payment for long-term boarding is not received within 7 days of initial required payment, my pet will be considered surrendered to Coulter Animal Hospital. I am fully aware that any bedding, blankets, toys, collars,leashes or other products brought and left with my pet(s), that are not asked for when my pet(s) is/are picked up from boarding will become property of Coulter Animal Hospital.

Flea and Tick Prevention Acknowledgement

By signing below, I acknowledge that current flea and tick prevention is required for boarding. If my pet(s) is/are not on flea and tick prevention, I acknowledge that Coulter Animal Hospital WILL DISPENSE in house prevention (Vectra or Simparica).

At Home Flea and Tick Prevention Statement

If I have applied at home flea and tick prevention (e.g. Vectra, Simparica), I acknowledge by initialing below that Coulter Animal Hospital will NOT be responsible for any flea and tick related illnesses or infestations that may be acquired while boarding. I may also be responsible for additional charges that Coulter Animal Hospital may incur while my pet(s) is/are housed in their facility if this issue results in their boarding area being exposed to a flea/tick population from my pet(s). I acknowledge that fleas and ticks can cause serious illness, emphasizing the importance of flea and tick prevention.