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Insurance Plans Coulter Animal Hospital in Amarillo, TX

Our first goal at Coulter Animal Hospital is to maintain your pets’ long-term health and happiness.

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Here at Coulter Animal Hospital, our ultimate commitment is to keep your pets healthy and happy throughout their lifetime. Did you know that just like your home or car, you can insure your pet as well?  It’s true!  It can be confusing sometimes to choose the right insurance plan for your furry companions, so let us help through the links below!  (Coulter Animal Hospital cannot be responsible for any claims not covered by insurance. Please read and understand your pet’s insurance policy fully before initiating treatment or care.)
Routine Care Coverage (routine exams, vaccinations, etc.)
Nationwide Pet Insurance

Consumers Advocate

Non-Routine Care Coverage (accident, illness, specialist care, etc.)

Nationwide Pet for Dogs and Cats

Healthy Paws Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Petplan Insurance for Dogs and Cats

*Embrace Pet Insurance for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs, and Cats

*AKC (American Kennel Club) Pet insurance for Dogs and Cats

*MetLife insurance for Dogs and Cats

*Pets Best insurance for Dogs and Cats

*Consumers Advocate Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats

*Add-ons for routine care coverage are optional at enrollment.